Garstang Running Club Members' Area - eNibble

There is now a members' web site which, unlike this web site, is accessible only to registed members.  This means that we can include more personal information, chat, etc than would be wise on an open web site.

eNibble is a collaborative tool that allows registered members to add & edit contributions such as news, discussions, race reports, etc, as well as uploading photos and files.  Every member can be actively involved in eNibble.   Don't worry about messing up the web pages - there is a way of correcting any mistakes, even if someone were to delete everyone else's contributions!  Just email

To go to the Members' Area click:  but if you have not yet registered read this first:

Clicking on this link takes you to the login screen.  You will need to click the Request Access button so you can then send an access request to the Administrator.  Please identify yourself clearly in this request as we have to filter out bogus bods.  Then you will receive an email inviting you to visit eNibble

At your first visit you will be asked to set up your account.  Enter a name that will clearly identify you to others using eNibble, and create a password.

On the next screen you will see Preferences.  You are strongly advised to set Notification to "Never", otherwise you will receive an email alert every time someone changes the web site.  Now click on, and you're in.  If you didn't select Never, or you wish to change this later, then just click on "account" (which is at the top right of every page) to view your Profile.  Select the Home tab to change notification.  Investigate what the other tabs lead to.

Download a printable and more complete version of these instructions.

If you have already registered but forgotten your password go to, enter your email address and click Forgotten password.  Your password will be emailed to you.  If you can’t remember whether you have already registered (we do have some older members) just try registering again.  All will be sorted out.